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What We Do

We started with a focus on educating the African-American community about HIV in order to address its disproportionate and growing incidence.   Then, we extended our services by developing cutting-edge, culturally sensitive youth mentorship, family violence prevention, mental health counseling, case management, and other programs so that we could serve the community needs. SSHC purpose and legacy is in serving the people of the community. We actualize our mission of “Providing people with positive and healthy alternatives” through many programs and services.

Direct Services

• Mental Health Counseling

• Case Management


Community Outreach Programs

• Substance Abuse Prevention

• HIV Prevention Programs and HIV testing

• Young Men Community Action Program

• Coalition Development & Research program (Y.M.C.A)

• CEDA/ Energy Assistance


Youth Programs

• Male/Female Mentoring

• Youth Self Enhancement Program (YSEP)

• After School Program

• Substance Abuse Prevention

• School-based Violence Prevention Programs

• Valerie Smith Reid Scholarship Fund


Community Partnership and Training

• Statewide Capacity Building Initiative

• Building and Nurturing Communities of Color (BANCC)

• South Side Help Center will be perceived as a premier national and global provider of comprehensive community preventive social services to individuals and capacity building to organizations.


Our Goal

Our experience, intuitiveness and unique ability to engage our constituents affords us the opportunity to develop and implement some of the most innovative and impactful prevention and intervention programs including:


Outreach Mobile unit with FREE HIV Prevention materials, HIV testing and counseling in beauty shops, partnering with local businesses to provide condoms, and more. In-School & After-School Youth Programs  Onsite mentoring programs at our Help Centre and school based violence prevention by experienced professionals


Job Development & Home Utility Support  FREE Educational Workshops, counseling for women in homeless shelters, light/heat and weatherization intake site, 


Capacity Building Assistance Services Training for program development, fiscal management, behavioral interventions and other services to organizations throughout the United States.


Community needs change.  Funding streams change too. We thank our past and current supporters, and hope we can count on them and YOU to help us help the community.  Please become a supporter TODAY.

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