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Ryan White Services


Mental Health Counseling 

The Mental Health Project provides individual and family counseling to persons with HIV or AIDS and their families. Individuals who are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS often experience a range of emotions including denial, resentment and anger. They also have a fear that they will be rejected by their family and friends due to the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. The Mental Health Project provides counseling sessions that address major concerns including disclosure to partners, family and employer; what to expect as a result of a positive diagnosis; preparing for, and dealing with the progression of the disease; and how/when to explain the ramifications of AIDS to their children. Support groups are also available for family and friends so that they may share experiences and help each other cope with the disease through moral support and camaraderie.

Housing Services 

Through funding provided by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, two components of housing services are offered for individuals who are HIV-positive. The Housing Advocacy Project provides housing related assessment, referrals and tenancy support services for HIV positive clients who have been referred by their case manager. The program also identifies housing opportunities and develops networks with landlords and developers. This program assists clients on a short-term basis to obtain and maintain safe affordable housing and other services in collaboration with their case managers.

The Housing Case Management Project offers more intensive housing assistance services for persons living with HIV. To be eligible, individuals must also be homeless and have the ability to have utilities ordered in their name. This is a transitional program whereby the client is placed in subsidized housing for up to 18 months. During this time, the client is assisted by their case manager to transition to permanent housing. The client may also receive assistance in developing social and independent living skills, learning how to budget, obtaining employment, and connecting to other services offered by the agency. Psychological counseling is also available with a licensed clinical psychologist. The program will operate a maximum of 21 apartment units.

Case Management Program

The Case Management program provides a holistic approach to the well being of HIV-positive individuals throughout the City of Chicago and is funded by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Clients are able to receive referral services to primary care facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, alternative therapies, dental services, mental health services, emergency assistance and support services. There are no restrictions as to residential area, location, age limitations or other criteria for the client. The only criteria used to receive assistance from this program is that the client test positive for HIV.

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