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MSM Project



GLI (Group Level Intervention)

BROTHER IN THE LIFE - Group Level Education Session – an intervention program to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among Black Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) who may or may not identify themselves as gay.


CRCS (Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services)

Intensive, individualized client-centered counselling for adopting and maintaining HIV risk-reduction behaviors. For HIV negative Black Men MSM who are at high risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV and STDs and struggle with issues such as social and cultural factors that affect HIV risk.


OR (Community Outreach and Recruitment)

Outreach and Recruitment to Young MSM Community – to increase awareness and distribution Information of HIV/AIDS transmission and risk reduction-HIV risk free behavior. Recruitment of African American MSM individuals into SSHC MSM programs.


HIVCT (HIV Counseling & Testing)

HIV testing, Referral, HIV/STD information, condom use, Risk Reduction and Participant Recruitment/ Retention for African American MSM and their sexual partners.


Condom Distribution

Availability of Male condom, Insertive condom, Condom kits, Lubricants and Education materials.

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