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Here To Help

The South Side Help Center Team works together with individuals and community organizations to address issues that inhibit the productivity of the community and hinder the greater-good of its residents.


Successfully resolving these issues takes the heartfelt dedication and hard work of people who know the community and possess the skills and passion to serve its people.


SSHC is structured so that it can effectively execute an array of community social services, while also broadening its influence and scope of services through capacity building and collaborations.


In essence, we provide HELP to individuals and organizations.



How We Started

Founded in June 1987, South Side Help Center (SSHC) is purposed to help people of all ages embrace a lifestyle of prevention against mental, physical and social ills by providing positive, healthy alternatives so that community residents can lead productive lives.


What We've Done

SSHC purpose and legacy is in serving the people of the community. We actualize our mission of "Providing people with positive and healthy alternatives" through many programs and services. Some of them include:


Community Outreach Programs

• Substance Abuse Prevention
• HIV Prevention Programs including HIV testing
• Young Men Community Action Program
• Coalition Development & Research program (Y.M.C.A)

• Restoring Formerly Incarcerated

• Support Programs for those in Homeless Shelters


Youth Programs

• Male/Female Mentoring
• Youth Self Enhancement Program (YSEP)
• After School Program
• Substance Abuse Prevention
• School-based Violence Prevention Programs
• Valerie Smith Reid Scholarship Fund


Capacity Building

• Statewide Capacity Building Initiative
• Building and Nurturing Communities of Color (BANCC)

• African-American CBO Coalition Building

• LGBTQ Resource Building


Direct Services

• Mental Health Counseling
• Case Management


Our Funders

SSHC would like to thank our funders for their generous contributions that have helped make possible many of our activities, programs, and services.

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