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Parent Mentor Program

Parent Mentors help fill persistent equity gaps by volunteering in classrooms for 2 hours/day for at least 100 hours. The Parent Mentors are supported by weekly training on class-room instructional practices and leadership training. As a result, they support each other to pursue their goals and unite the school community for long term change.

The Parent Engagement Institute is a partnership between Palenque LSNA and Southwest Organizing Project. South Side Help Center is proud to have been selected to be the lead for Marcus Garvey Elementary, Mount Vernon Elementary and Esmond Elementary. 

To apply to become a parent mentor, please click here

EngagEd Parent Education Program

The EngagEd Parent Education Program is dedicated to empowering parents with the knowledge and skills to actively engage in their child's educational journey.

We believe that engaged parents make a lasting impact on their children's education. We believe that informed and engaged parents are the cornerstone of a child's success. 


We do this by offering parents

  • Informative Workshops: Expert-led sessions covering a wide array of essential parenting and education topics.

  • Community Support: Connect with other parents, share experiences, and build a strong network of support within our community.

  • Child-Centered Learning: Gain insights into effective ways to support your child's academic and personal growth.

  • Navigating the Education System: Tips and guidance on understanding school policies, curricula, and more.

  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in open discussions and discover practical strategies for tackling everyday parenting challenges.

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