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HIV/AIDS Women's Programs- This model program is one of a few that target high risk women with culturally appropriate, gender-specific prevention and risk reduction messages. The project provides women of child-bearing age with HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction information with an emphasis on promoting and reinforcing safer behavior through enhanced decision making skills. Participants receive interpersonal skills training in negotiating and sustaining appropriate behavior changes

Secondary Prevention Project- This project is designed to educate people living with HIV/AIDS about the risks of secondary infection (in which the virus can mutate and thus become stronger and more resistant) and reduce the transmission and/or re-infection of the virus. This goal is accomplished through the use of outreach, group education, prevention case management and Health Communication Public Information seminars. The communities served include Roseland, Riverdale, Hegewisch, and South Shore. In addition, the project assists clients by making referrals for counseling and testing and accessing other HIV prevention and related services.

HIV/AIDS Shelter Education and Outreach- This program targets African Americans who reside in or frequent shelters and transitional living facilities. The program is designed specifically around the population's unique circumstances and addresses issues of survival, self-esteem, support and mistrust. In addition to providing group education workshops, the program offers intensive individualized prevention case management services. Other services include referrals for counseling, continuing education and substance abuse treatment, plus free, confidential HIV testing.

Corrections Initiative- This program provides intensive case management services and referral services to post—incarcerated individuals or recently released individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Clients receive comprehensive assessments and are connected with the services they need, including primary medical care, housing, mental health, and substance abuse treatment 

Registration Now Open!
The conference planning committee welcomes your participation in the 21st annual HIV/STD conference, “At the Crossroads.” This year’s varied and comprehensive program will feature an exciting lineup of keynote and plenary speakers and concurrent sessions. 

A comprehensive approach must be used to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  The ultimate goal of this conference is to provide new ideas and practical information to assist you in achieving this end in your everyday work.  It will foster connections across disciplinary lines to share effective prevention approaches and research findings, to examine state-of-the-art medical management of HIV and STDs, to strategize the best ways to get services to those in need, and to learn about current and emerging policy issues. 

Come share your experiences, learn from colleagues and network with others who face the same challenges in combating HIV/STDs.   

Follow this link to register:

CDC Disclaimer: This site contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences. If you are not seeking such information or may be offended by such materials, please exit this website.
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